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It’s the Q&A you’ve all been waiting for!  Actress Zoie Palmer (Dark Matter’s Android) offers insight into her character, her process, and her love of soup!


Now some of you may not be aware of it, but the Android character was originally envisioned as male.  But, when it came time to cast “him”, we cast a wide net, opening up the role to all ethnicities and genders.  Zoie was terrific in her first audition and, thus, received a call-back for the second round.  In round #2, she delivered a flawless soliloquy of techno-babble that could have only been equaled by Samantha Carter herself.  Someone in the room (It may have been me?”) asked if she could do it in a British accent.  And she did – once again, flawlessly.  “I can do a Jamaican accent too!”she offered.  And did.  It was a final audition that won her the part…and…

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