November 26, 2015: Dark Matter season 2 teasers!

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Presenting : our Dark Matter season 2 mystery concept sketch of the week. What’s going on up there?  Who are those guys?  What is that room?  What’s the deal with those green things?  Any guesses?

Today was a day fraught with audition screenings, tattoo discussions, and much spinning of creative wheels on this script I’m trying to complete before next week. I have been battling this scene for going on three days now and the usual breakthrough methods haven’t helped.  They are, in order of efficacy: 1) driving around, 2) bourbon, 3) ignoring the problem until the solution arrives in a panic-fueled inspiration.  Tick tick tick.  Meanwhile, every other aspect of production continues to speed headlong toward next week’s start of official prep!

Speaking of every one being incredibly constructive – in this case, literally – check out the work-in-progress modeling being done on the Hyperion-8 Galactic Detention Facility by VFX…

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November 24, 2015: Dark Matter graphics!

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I feel like my head is about to explode.  And it’s only Tuesday.  I’m juggling revisions and rewrites on six different scripts, casting, prepping, and trying to figure out the most efficient way to schedule a bursting-at-the-scenes action-heavy Episode 202.  Also, fantasy football.

But mostly fantasy football.

Anyways, before I resume script revisions on Episodes 201 and 202 (while simultaneously trying to swing a deal for a Tier 1 QB), I thought I’d take a moment to show off some of the graphics that will adorn the monitors in same episodes.


Hyperion 8 monitors 1

Hyperion 8 Warden's screen

Hyperion 8 Warden's screen 2

Graphics by artist Victor Mare!

Can’t wait to see them up and running in glorious HD!

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November 23, 2015: YOUR Ishida Imperial Shuttle!

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Last week, I asked you all to play producers by assisting me in selecting the design for the Ishida Imperial shuttle (to be introduced in season 2).

There were 11 options to choose from, all skillfully conceived and illustrated by artist Bartol Rendulic under the direction of Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock. Between this blog, Facebook, and twitter, we received tremendous feedback – and votes!

It came down to two candidates, #1 and #11 but, in the end, one just proved the slightly more popular choice.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit your choice for the Ishida Imperial shuttle in glorious color!

ISHEDA Imperial Shuttle-1_18nov,2015_BR copy

It will undoubtedly see a few more tweaks as it makes its way through visual effects modeling and texturing but, all in all, I think it looks pretty kick-ass.

P.S. I made sure to upload a hi-rez version of the photo so you can use it as your…

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September 5, 2015: Dark Matter behind the scenes! Filming the Android Drop – Episode #12!

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Dark Matter’s first season may be over (or nearing an end in other parts of the world), but that doesn’t mean you all have to wait until next year for new material. Over the course of the next few months, I’ll be offering up behind-the-scenes insights, pics and videos of our awesome first season.  Then, when we start rolling into production in late November, stay tuned to this blog for updates on Dark Matter’s spectacular second season.  No spoilers, of course.  Just teasers to whet your appetites – and reward you all for your amazing support.

Today, I offer up some behind-the-scenes videos of Episode #12 (aka “Android’s Day Out”), the shooting of the Android Drop.

Check it out!


Zoie – ever the joker!

That’s one helluva noisy fan!

Like Stargate, one of the trickiest aspects of production – timing the closing of the doors!

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November 22, 2015: Dim sum and dogs!

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Recently, someone lamented the fact that I haven’t posted food porn or dog pics for quite a while.  Lately, it’s been nothing but Dark Matter this, Dark Matter that.  So, tonight, I’m going old school with this throwback entry.  Pictured above, Akemi shows off her new sweater purchase at dim sum.


After coming across the food-themed instagram account of my co-worker, Natalie Cooper (CoopDuJour:, Akemi was inspired to – ask me to make a reservation at Toronto’s top dim sum restaurant: Lai Wah Heen.

To ensure lunch didn’t conflict with fantasy football, we dined nice and early at 11:00 a.m.  The food was delicious, but it was the presentation that truly impressed.  Check out the lobster dumpling pictured above.


The deep-fried Berkshire pork dumplings with garlic chip ears.


Crispy-skin pork belly!

And now, onto the dog pics!

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.15.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.16.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.17.31 PM

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June 25, 2015: We’re going to Comic Con! Dark Matter episode #102! More pics! Vids! Secrets!

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Yes, it’s official!  Dark Matter will be at San Diego Comic Con!

Our panel is scheduled for the night of Thursday, July 9th from 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm in Room 6BCF!

Those in attendance will include cast members Melissa O’Neil (TWO), Jodelle Ferland (FIVE), Roger Cross (SIX), and Anthony Lemke (THREE), Executive Producers Jay Firestone and Vanessa Piazza, and yours truly (provided they can tear me away from the dealer alley).

So, who’s coming?

Continuing our discussion of Dark Matter’s second episode…

1) She’s gone!

The guys have been stood up.  The guys have been stood up.

The boys bid the miners a fond farewell, then hightail it back to marauder where they discover…The Raza is no longer in orbit.  TWO abandoned them!  In the script, this revelation was the act out and, after the commercial break, we would come back to a second marauder scene in which the guys debate their very bad…

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June 27, 2015: Dark Matter! Comics! I’m #3?!!

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So, Dark Matter’s third episode aired last night in the U.S., Australia, and Canada. If you watched it, what did you think? Since the episode will be airing in different parts of the world over the next few days, I’m going to hold off on weighing in with my insights – but plenty of behind-the-scenes pics and vids coming your way! Hmmm.  It would appear I’ve been demoted.  When Akemi first moved to Canada, I was her #1 guy.  Then, as she settled in, I dropped to #2 behind this guy –


And I could live with that.  Bubba does have his charms.  But with a recent addition to the household, I’ve dropped in the ranking yet again, losing my spot to THIS guy –


Roomba-chan, as Akemi refers to him, has pretty much had the run of the place since moving in last week.  He putters around, keeps to…

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June 26, 2015: Dark Matter episode #102! Pics! Vids! Secrets!

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Who is ready for an all new episode of Dark Matter?!

Tonight at 10 p.m. EST/PST and 7 p.m. on SYFY and SPACE CHANNEL!

What’s in store for our mercs?  Well…

“Sabotage is suspected and the onboard paranoia surges when the ship mysteriously veers off course. To bring the systems back online, a perilous spacewalk is required; at the same time, Five makes a shocking discovery.”

And there’s this –


And this –


And this –


And this –


And this –


The episode was written by the lovely Martin Gero (StargateThe L.A. ComplexBored to DeathBlindspot – premiering Monday September 21st after The Voice on NBC!) so you DO NOT want to miss it!

Join us online at 10 pm EST and PST as the cast and I live tweet the episode!

Finishing up our discussion of Dark Matter Episode #102…

1) It’s Bubba…

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July 5, 2015: Comic Con! Dark Matter links! Mailbag!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.01.05 AM

Going to San Diego Comic Con?  So is Dark Matter!  In addition to our Thursday night (7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., Room 6BCF) panel in which Melissa O’Neil (TWO), Anthony Lemke (THREE), Jodelle Ferland (FIVE), Roger Cross (SIX), and Exec Producers Jay Firestone, Vanessa Piazza and I spill on the show’s first season, we’ll also be doing an autograph signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth (2615) on Thursday at 5 p.m. and again on Friday at 3 p.m.  If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by and say hi.

I look forward to catching up with all our new friends:

Some great Dark Matter-related links for you to check out…

“Bravo! The fourth episode of Dark Matter was the total package. It had humor, drama, action, and suspense. The Raza crew finally made it to the space station for much needed refueling and repairs, but their efforts…

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July 8, 2015: San Diego Comic Con! Finally!

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If this is a taste of what San Diego Comic Con has in store for me, I’d best head back home right now.

Akemi and I were up at 6:00 a.m. this morning so that we could get to the airport well in advance of our fight’s departure.

As it turned, out well WELL in advance as our flight – like most flights today- was delayed.  In our case, by an hour and a half.

Finally, at 11:00 a.m., we were finally able to board..


And then told it would be another hour and ten minutes before we could leave…


Since there are, amazingly, no direct flights from Vancouver to San Diego, I estimated that we would be arriving in San Francisco just in time to see our connecting flight leave.  But, as it turned out, this mass United Airlines inconvenience worked in our favor here as our connecting flight…

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