August 24, 2015: Looking ahead to Episodes 12 and 13; looking back on Episode 11!

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When I was first told that the last two episodes of the season would run as a double-header finale, I didn’t like the idea.  We’d fashioned each episode to end with a huge, more often than not, WTF?! moment that would keep viewers buzzing until the following week’s instalment.  In my mind, the BIG WTF?! moment that ends Episode 112 deserved a week of agonizing and theorizing…but, in retrospect, I’m sure you viewers will greatly appreciate NOT having to wait an entire week after what goes down (quite literally) in those closing seconds.


Speaking of Episode 112, head on over to EW for an exclusive clip feature the man with all TWO’s secrets, Alexander Rook, played by Wil Wheaton:


So what can we look forward to in these last two episodes?  Well, I chatted with TheTVJunkies’ Bridget Liszewski for our weekly episode post-mortem and shape-of-things-to-come discussion:

The title…

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August 25, 2015: Dark Matter’s Biggest Holy Sh%t Moments! The Season One Edition!

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From the onset, I promised viewers, twists, turns, surprises and shocks over the course of Dark Matter’s first season.  There have been plenty in these first 11 episodes and there are a couple of more BIG ones to come.  So, as we barrel toward our big double episode finale (this Friday night on SyFy and SpaceChannel 6 pm PST, 10 pm EST/PST), I thought I’d take a moment to offer up my take on Dark Matter’s Biggest Holy Sh%t Moments this season…



#12 = SIX is shot and killed (Episode 108)

Yes, it’s a misdirect but, damn, it’s a great one.  Our lovable SIX gunned down and bleeding out on the floor.  How the hell does someone come back from that?  Well, someone wouldn’t – but some”thing” might…


#11 = TWO takes out the entire casino crew (Episode 104)

We knew these people were bad.  We knew that they…

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Dark Matter: Real Women Need Not Apply

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Episode 1.11: Episode 11
Written by: Paul Mullie
Directed by: Martin Wood
Original airdate: August 21, 2015


The crew of The Raza tries to thwart Wexler and his crew, and deal with the presumed loss of Two. I have mixed feelings about this episode. Last night, after I watched it, I absolutely hated it for reasons I’ll get into in a minute, but that are related to my ongoing commentary on the show’s sexism. At the same time, the energy levels and emotional stakes were much better than anything that’s come before this episode. And the ending was pretty good.

First up, major kudos to Ennis Esmer for a tour de force performance as Wexler. He committed wholeheartedly to it and was a feature film quality bad guy. Tremendously fun to watch in both this episode and the previous one. Part thug, part strategist, part cold-blooded killer, part opportunist, and major…

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August 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 11! What’d you think?

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1 (1)

So, what’d many of you think?  I use the term “many” because our international friends have yet to see the dark, adrenaline-charged, action-packed recent episode.  All I’m going to say is: “One more question answered – and a couple of more asked.  Like what the heck happened in those closing minutes?!”

More answers to come including further insight into one kick-ass crew member.  Oh, and the final reveal on who wiped their memories and why.  But, like I told the cast in the lead-up to our grand finale: The individual who wiped your memories may not be the one you have to worry about!


If you live in Canada and missed an episode, you’re in luck!  Tomorrow, Sunday, SpaceChannel will be running a Dark Matter marathon!  That’s 11 glorious hours packed full of twists, turns, surprises, action, and humor!

If you live in the U.S., on the other hand…

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August 23, 2015: The Dog Days of Dark Matter!

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The first time I visited the wardrobe department, I noticed the photo of the dog on the back wall.  I thought it was amusing, didn’t think anything of it until the next time I visited and noticed the second photo.  I dismissed them as “funny dog pictures”.  Until, on my third visit, I noted they weren’t just “funny dog pictures”. They were “funny dog pictures” on point.  Each, it would turn out, was a thematic reflection of every one of our thirteen episodes.

Over the course of the season, I snapped pics of the pics and, today, I present to you a rundown of the Dog Days of Dark Matter

Episode 1: Space dog! Episode 1: Space dog!

Of course.  We introduce our spaceship-themed series.

Episode 2: Miner dog! Episode 2: Miner dog!

The crew helps a mining colony battle a ruthless corporation.

Episode 3: Space walkies! Episode 3: Space walkies!

The Android takes an EVA stroll topside.

Episode 4: Casino dog! Episode 4: Casino…

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August 20, 2015: Sparkle-joy!

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In case you missed yesterday’s BIG announcement: actor Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s FOUR – wants to hear from you!  That’s right!  Got a question for The Raza’s resident swordsman?  Well leave ’em in the comments section of this blog (limit 5 per customer).

Nope, still not word on that second season pick-up.  But that’s fine.  Have set aside the script and story spinning until further notice to focus on some late, late, LATE spring cleaning.  (Almost) everything must go!  Including those boxes that have been sitting in my crawlspace since I first moved into this house back in 2004. What’s the rule of thumb? If you don’t use something in 10+ years, you can safely get rid of it?

I suppose “get rid of” isn’t the right word.  I’ll donate the clothes and books, sell the toys and comics, and junk things like those filing cabinets, old boardgames…

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August 14, 2015: Behind the scenes on Dark Matter Episode 10!

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Photo via Ennis Esmer Ennis Esmer and Anthony Lemke face off behind the scenes.  Photo via Ennis Esmer

I love a good heist episode.  And Dark Matter Episode 110 is a great one!

Photo via John Cor Photo via John Cor

A great mix of action, humor, character moments – with the added bonus of some of the most enjoyably colorful guest characters this side of Arcturus-4!

Photo via Jon Cor Photo via Jon Cor

Torri Higginson (Stargate: Atlantis), Ennis Esmer (Red OaksThe Listener), Jessica Sipos (Ascension), Jon Cor (Shadowhunters), Conrad Pla (19-2) – all deliver brilliant performances.

Photo via John Cor Photo via John Cor

In addition to being a truly great episode, this one was a hell of a lot of fun behind the scenes.

Photo via Jon Cor Photo via Jon Cor

This was my first time working with Conrad, Jessica and Jon, but I did work with Ennis several years back.  He did a guest…

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August 15, 2015: Japan’s culinary marvels…I’ll be missing!

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Well, this marks the first year in over a decade that I won’t be visiting Japan.  :(

Here are some of the new or limited-time-only culinary marvels I’ll be missing…


The Aka Samurai Burger!  You have a choice of fried chicken or a beef patty served with lettuce, tomato and “red” cheese served in a “red” bun – the red hue courtesy of tomato powder.  It’s served with a red hot sauce.


Ben & Jerry’s Strawbearry!  Strawberry ice cream with white chocolate polar bears and marshmallow sauce.

The insanity of Taco Bell Japan!


Lotteria’s potato chip burgers!  You have choice between the Zeppin Cheese Potato Chip Burger and the Salad Chicken Potato Chip Burger.  Top with you favorite shaker flavors: Wasabi Beef, Consommé with Punch, Rich Salt, or Dark Nori Seaweed Salt.

via rocketnews24 via rocketnews24

Ramen ice cream topped with freeze-dried beef!

via JapanToday via JapanToday

Ice cream cigares!  These pricey ice…

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August 16, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 10 – reactions!

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“While all the mysteries presented in Dark Matter have me clawing for an answer, this “sub-atomic, sub-dimentional” mystery is the one I’m currently most interested in because it has the potential to take us in directions we don’t yet know exist.”

“Episode 10 was an action-packed, drama-filled season high for the series, bringing us the high-octane and emotional moments we’ve come to expect from Dark Matter. We hit the ground running, to put it lightly, with the surprise attack from Ferrous, followed by an exciting heist sequence and ending with a dramatic double cross. We were also introduced to another group of criminally-inclined misfits, including The Listener‘s Ennis Esmer as the group’s despicable leader, Wexler.”

“There are so many things that I loved about this episode. It moved at breakneck speed from minute one and it left me screaming at the screen with its cliffhanger. That’s one…

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August 13, 2015: Recommended Reads! And Dark Matter screenshots!

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After last year’s impressive reading tally, I set the bar a lot lower this year but, even so, it looked like I was going to come up short of the 100 book mark.  Over this past month, however, I’ve done some major catching up.  Here are a few of the titles I enjoyed…


Half A War by Joe Abercrombie

The third and final instalment in Joe Abercrombie’s Shattered Sea trilogy is epic fantasy at its high flying, action-packed finest.  This one has all of the elements one would expect from Abercrombie – colorful characters, heart-stopping twists and, best of all, that wicked sense of humor I’ve come to know and love.


Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach

The second book in Rachel Bach’s (Aaron’s) Paradox Trilogy continues an SF series that stands out well above the rest.  These books are smart, fast-paced, engrossing and, without a doubt, flat-out the most FUN…

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