September 11, 2015: I answer your burning questions!

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It’s time for a long overdue mailbag…

daithi82 writes: “One question I have though is if there are any plans for the return of the real Jace Corso in season 2? Also why does the Android keep getting stunned?”

Answer: Given the fact that things were left unfinished the last time the crew crossed paths with Jace Corso, it’s safe to assume they’ll cross paths again sooner than later.  As for the Android getting stunned – I believe it happened twice.  The first time, Wexler used the shock stick to incapacitate her.  The second time, SIX made use of a proven method (the shock stick) to take her out of action again.

Keith writes: “You mentioned in an earlier blog post about having a dispute regarding which way of editing a particular scene was “funnier”, and finally taking your laptop around for an office poll – and losing. Can you…

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October 3, 2015: A Dark Matter Performance Evaluation!

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With Dark Matter‘s first season off to – by all accounts – a rollicking star on Netflix, I wanted to look back on the show’s performance to date.  Specifically, I wanted to look at the show’s overall performance.  Which, at the end of the day, is easier said than done.

Over on SyFy, Dark Matter is (the last time I checked) the #2 original scripted show on the network, and holds the #3 spot in the oft-discussed “key demo” (averaging 0.24, just a tick behind the #2 spot averaging 0.25).

Internationally, the news was even better, with Dark Matter pulling in BIG numbers in territories like the U.K., Australia, Portugal and (closer to home) Canada!

When it comes to downloads, however, the results are a little…murkier.  How many downloads from the network websites?  iTunes?  Other legitimate sources?  I don’t have that information.

How about illegitimate sources?  Well, ironically, that…

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Lost Girl 5.12 – “Judgement Fae”

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I love Lost Girl and over the years if an episode hasn’t clicked for me, then I have given it the benefit of the doubt. I would look for deeper meaning, and whether I found the meaning or not, I usually found some interesting questions – questions about the meaning of life, fundamentals of human nature, or societal commentary. Even if I was confused, there was usually something in an episode for me to like, laugh at, or otherwise appreciate, so on balance I liked most of the episodes.

What’s all this preamble and buildup about? I really didn’t like this episode. The acting was great. The story, the plot, and the arbitrary actions from the characters, it all drove me batty. I watched it twice. I tried to understand.

I’ve said before that I want the story to make sense. I want to understand the rules of the world…

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October 2, 2015: Now on Netflix! Dark Matter!

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As of September 28th, Dark Matter‘s first season is available on Netflix U.S. (and Canada should follow shortly!) for all of your binge-watching (and re-watching) needs.

Need a reason?  Well, check out this recent article from on Why Syfy’s Dark Matter is well worth your time…


“Syfy space opera Dark Matter caught many off-guard with just how interesting its first season became. Here’s why you should watch it…”

Or review this past article from on 7 reasons to binge the sci fi summer hit…

“How could we not mention the plot twists? Nearly every episode features one game changer or another, whether it’s some dramatic new information or a member of the crew does something you never saw coming. Dark Matter keeps you guessing every episode and rarely disappoints with the follow through. With some serious cliffhangers sprinkled throughout the series, you’ll find yourself…

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October 1, 2015: Spider! Spider! Spider!

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House Spider --- Image by © Digital Zoo/Corbis House Spider — Image by © Digital Zoo/Corbis

From the corner of my eye, I saw Akemi shuffle up beside me and stand quietly by, waiting for me to acknowledge her.  I looked over and she spoke up: “Sorry to interrupt, but I need your help.  There is a spider in the dryer.”

I chuckled.  My poor girlfriend, ever prone to scares.  The beep of a car horn will make her jump; the presence of a house fly enough to send her into a full panic.  I shook my head and followed her downstairs where I grabbed some toilet paper from the bathroom, then approached the washing machine.

“Not the washing machine,”she corrected me, standing several feet back, seemingly poised to take off at the first sign of trouble.  “The dryer.”

I couldn’t help but smile.  Another shake of my head.  I opened the dryer door, peeked inside and –…

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Lost Girl Episode 512: Judgment Fae

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“I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.”

[Tennyson, In Memorium A.H.H]

“Alas, I too have known love, that ruler of hearts,
That soul of our soul; it’s never brought me anything
Except one kiss and twenty kicks in the rump. How could such a beautiful cause produce such an abominable effect on you?”

[Voltaire, Candide: or Optimism]


As the titles rolled on episode 512 I was sure that I would not be alone in a sense of frustration, bewilderment and sadness at what I had just witnessed. How could Lauren break Bo’s heart (and ours) with an argument which seemed so completely out of
character for her? The Lauren we have known was always brave and principled, if flawed
by recklessness (usually in the search for knowledge). Did the…

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September 30, 2015: Win an SG-1 10th Anniversary framed photo and keychain!

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Feast your eyes upon the glory that is the 10th Anniversary MGM giveaway which includes a gate-framed photo of the team that started it all AND an SG-1keychain in its original flimsy silver paper and cardboard box!

This can be yours if you are one of the first to correctly answer the following five SG-1-related questions.

Like yesterday, to ensure a level playing field, I will hold off on approving comments…unless I forget and accidentally do so anyway, like last time.

Ready?  Okay, here’s goes…

Actress Jennifer Halley, who played the part of Lt. Tolinev in season 5’s The Tomb, had also been up for (and just missed out on) another role in season 4.  What was that role?

Who does the character Grell, Teal’c t.v. counterpart, quote at the end of Wormhole X-Treme?

What was my one and only onscreen line on Stargate?

What guest star’s…

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Lost Girl: Season 05, Episode 12, “Judgement Fae”

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Well, THAT was an utter disaster.

Actually, not utter. The acting not only rose above the content, but was possibly some of the best work this series has seen, especially when you consider how many hoops were jumped through and sharks over.

Ok but she is rocking that suit though.

This episode is a mess of coincidences, arbitrary ‘tasks,’ impulsive moves, anticlimactic scenes, Bo’s rushing into things willy nilly, and breakups.

There are still some good moments: the aforementioned acting; “You’re critiquing my wallow?”; some scene mirroring – the shower scene starting on the showerhead and panning down, most importantly the scene at the bar with Dyson and Bo. The Dal bit is reminiscent of the scene two seasons ago with Dyson and Lauren, still one of the more touching things the show has done and one of the things that helped solidify the friendship between Dyson and Lauren. There, as in here, we have two people who are…

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September 29, 2015: Win a Stargate: SG-1 compact!

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Win this Stargate: SG-1 compact!  All you have to do is be one of the first to correctly answer the following five SG1-related questions!  The quicker you respond with the correct answer, the greater your chance of winning the grand prize!  As per LineNoise’s suggestion, I’ll hold off on approving comments to ensure a level playing field.

On to today’s questions…

Which script had the early working title: Ad Infinitum?

What was the German title for Forever In A Day and what is it’s English translation?

The characters (and one referenced expedition) in season 4’s The Curse were named after what exactly?

What does N.I.D. stand for?

Name two U.S. Air Force Chiefs of Staff who appeared on the show.

Congratulations to the winner of yesterday’s Stargate caps giveaway, Tom C.!

Tune in tomorrow for more!

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