November 19, 2017: More pics from the Dark Matter vault!

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Courtesy of Mean Jean Brophey!

Matt Purdy, Jozie Conte, and Kelly Anastasiou – behind the scenes on EOS-7.

Bits and pieces – Episode 304, “All the Time in the World”

Turn off the damn light!  Can’t you see Mishka Thebaud is trying to sleep here!

Ready to shoot – Episode 304, “All the Time in the World”.

Our little lady, laid up.

Checking out the weekend weather updates between scenes.

Andrew Moodie (aka Teku Fonsei) = Dinner for one.

Lisa Amaral Wright with the last minute check on the day’s munition facility menu.

Dave Sheridan sets up his next shot from afar.

Anthony Lemke is exhausted after a long day’s shoot.

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November 18, 2017: Dark Matter – behind the scenes!

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Some behind the scenes photos from the set of Dark Matter‘s third season, compliments of Mean Jean Brophey:

Jean and Anthony from the pilot episode for their buddy cop show.

Downtown at the Ishida Palace.

Our kooky emperor.

Mmmmm.  What’s cooking?

Director J.B. Sugar’s red carpet walk.

Grant Boyle in the infirmary for his annual check-up.

Second team: Alyssa Pawlak and Matt Purdy.

First team: Melissa O’Neil and Anthony Lemke.

Jesse Partin grabs some shut-eye between set-ups.

Assassin down in the palace.

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November 17, 2017: Busy, but never too busy for tapas!

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While I may not be as busy as I was while Dark Matter was in production, I find myself surprisingly busy for someone without a show to run.  Most of my days are spent reading comic books and reviewing anime…for work!  In addition, I’ve got a little over a half dozen “things” percolating, from being hired to co-develop and write  the pilot for a new sci-fi project to angling on four different book-to-screen adaptations.  Throw in a couple of very intriguing showrunning opportunities and let’s call it a year.  Decisions, decisions.  Cannot wait to share the details – and head back into production.

No, scratch that.  I can wait a little longer.  Enjoying the first real vacation I’ve had in…oh, about 20 years.

Being suddenly free for lunch and dinners has given me the opportunity to enjoy – well, what else? – more lunches and dinners.  Recently, we hit up…

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November 16, 2017: Suji and shout-outs!

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Ideally, I’d like my next show to be either an anime, comic book, novel adaptation – or one featuring dogs in pajamas.

Akemi, meanwhile, has been hard at work designing for her upcoming Suji-themed lapel pin and badge line.

A few shout-outs are in order today:

Marc Bendavid, Dark Matter’s ONE, stars in a new webseries.

How to Buy a Baby is the story of an infertile couple that struggles to conceive with the help of a doctor.  And a nurse.  And a financial planner.  And unsolicited advice from everyone they know.

The six episode miniseries is available to stream online.  Check out Episode 1:

ZNation creator Craig Engler has a new project in the works.  Check out the link for info on how you can support it:

The Last Days of Earth

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November 15, 2017: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – but you can appreciate the artwork!

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It’s Wednesday and you know that means?!   That’s right.  It’s New Comics Day!

I no longer get down to my local comic shop as often as I’d like but, fortunately, my comixology membership allows me to keep up with all of the latest releases (and back issues!), purchase those that catch my interest, and even lets me preview the first few pages of each new issue.

I’ve always loved comic books but, the truth is, with so many titles out there and the oft maddeningly confusing crossovers and big events, it’s hard to keep track. Sure, I have my regular go-to’s but, sometimes, it’s nice to make a new discovery. Usually, this is a result of my wanting to check out an admired writer or favorite character, or, occasionally, being drawn to an intriguing premise.  Every so often, however, it’s the art – specifically the cover art that piques…

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November 14, 2017: Buddy, can you spare a slice of pizza?

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We were walking back from my favorite pizza joint, Superpoint on Ossington, last night when we were approached by a somewhat disheveled looking man.   “Do you have twenty-five cents for food?”he asked.  I recognized him as the same guy we’d passed not two hours earlier on our way to the restaurant.

“Offer him the pizza,”suggested Ivon.

Great idea, I thought.

“Hey!”I called after the man who was already shuffling off.  “Want some pizza?”  I held up the box of leftovers.

The man stopped and started back at me, stunned, as though I’d just spoken to him in German.  A beat and then, with a  double wave of his hand, he exhorted me to: “Enjoy.  Enjoy.” before continuing on his way.

Hunh.  I thought it odd but, not two blocks later, we were approached again, this time by a somewhat disheveled looking woman.  “Do you have a dollar for food?”she…

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November 12, 2017: Checking in with the dogs!

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Lulu (10), and Suji (12) may be old timers, but what they lack in mobility they more than make up for in spirit and appetite.

This week, we dropped them of with our new dogsitter, Cynthia, for the day.  Step #1 complete.  In a couple of weeks, Step #2 will see us drop them off for an overnight stay.  If all goes well, we move on to Step #3: Akemi and I go to New York for a couple of days.  And, if that goes swimmingly, it’s Japan in January for Le Salon de Chocolat!

The new guests = Lulu and Suji.

Lulu discovers a comfy bed.

Suji, as usual, squeezes in.

And ends up squeezing Lulu out – also, as usual.

In preparation for the wintry months ahead, Akemi and I have borrowed a red wagon from our friend Gosia who used to use it wheel around her adorable…

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November 11, 2017: Signs I may be getting old!

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I fell asleep on the couch and napped for two hours today.

I’m getting more forgetful.

I pulled something doing lunges two weeks ago and now my inability to cut has diminished my confidence in my ability to play the corner position.

Instead of doubling its character limit, I really feel twitter would have been better served by adding an edit function instead.

I prefer the smaller model iPhones instead of the new ones that come with their own backpacks.

My french bulldog Lulu is getting heavier to carry around, but she’s not really getting any heavier.

I find club-decibel level music in retail stores annoying.

The most accessed function on my iPhone is the flashlight app which I use to read restaurant menus.

I think the 2000 and 2003 X-Men movies are far superior to pretty much any Marvel movie produced since (with the possible exception of Deadpool).


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November 10, 2017: LOUD and NOISY!

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Well, this is a lovely article that speaks to what many fans loved about Dark Matter: the characters at the heart of the show…

A Love Letter to the Women of Dark Matter by Paste Magazine’s Frannie Jackson.

“But beyond the Faster Than Light travel and the insane corporate politics, one of the show’s most fascinating elements is that three of its leads are compelling female characters.

And yet Syfy canceled the show this fall, leaving a void in their programming.”

A void most recently filled by Jeepers Creepers 3.

The latest industry buzzword is “loud”.  They want shows that “make noise”.  So I see their reasoning…I suppose.

Still, I’ll always appreciate how loud and noisy Dark Matter fandom was during our final campaign.  Not just on twitter, but everywhere.  I’m still amazed that the article that broke news of the cancellation on garnered 164 comments, far…

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November 9, 2017: My Top 10 Favorite Whiskeys!

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In the three years that the Dark Matter Whisky Club was in operation, 2014-2017, I sampled a wide variety of whiskeys, over a hundred in all.  These were my favorites…


Appropriate, no?  Line Producer Norman Denver contributed this ironic Irish entry, a blend of single malt and single pot-stilled whiskeys, triple-distilled and non-peated.  My favorite Irish Whiskey.

Notes: Warm honey, fruit, vanilla and the long sweet finish of artistic anguish laced with leprechaun gold.


Another Norman Denver contribution, we enjoyed multiple bottles owing to the fact that it is, clearly, one of his favorites.  I can drink Lophgraig, which my former writing partner, Paul, likens to smoking a pack of cigarettes, but the peatiness here is present without being overpowering.

Notes: Peat, pineapple, oak, and a touch of that leather belt you took off to go through airport security and subsequently didn’t realize you’d…

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