December 12, 2017: Is it spring yet?

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Bundle up, kids!  It’s cold outside.  It’s I’m-not-going-out-unless-I-absolutely-have-to cold.  And it’s going to get even colder.  I mean, come on!  What happened to the promise of global warming?  Spring in winter?  Summer in autumn?  A world safe from runaway icebergs and douchey ski pros.  More of this –

And less of this –

Despite the deep freeze, I did venture out tonight to join my buddy Ivon and actor Jeff Teravainen for dinner.  Some drinks, some burgers, some nice conversation, and we wrapped things up with an apple pie sundae and Jeff going to town on everyone’s fries.  I’m a big fan of the guy, and not just because he picked up the tab.

Tomorrow, it’s an early morning for Lulu and Suji who will be heading over to our new dogsitter’s place where they will be spending the night.  This will mark the first night Suji will be separated…

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December 11, 2017: Dark Matter Secrets Revealed!

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The highlights from #DarkGate Round 2, another Dark Matter/Stargate-related Q&A.

On the mysterious Cyrus King…

What of Solara Shockley?

What episode idea did Episode 309, “Isn’t That A Paradox?” replace?

As for what else we had in store for ONE/Derrick Moss…

On Ryo, Misaki, and Teku…

And how would FOUR have adjusted to life as a returning crew member?

On The Mikkei Combine’s role in the alien invasion storyline…

What were the plans for Lt. Anders?

What about Dr. Shaw?

And Wexler?

What else did we have planned for SIX?

We would have even explored an increasingly complex Alt. Portia…

And, finally, what of Alexander Rook?

Thanks for everyone who took part.  Let’s try to do another one in the New Year!

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December 10, 2017: A DarkGate reminder! Akemi’s Science Fact of the Day! And celebrating a Snow Monkeys win!

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As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be hitting twitter tomorrow for a second round fan Q&A.  If you have any Dark Matter and/or Stargate-related questions, feel free to post them.  Don’t forget to include the #DarkGate hashtag so I can find you and keep track.

So, when is this happening?  Well, @TeamRazaEurope was kind enough to assemble the following graphic:

Brush up on the #DarkGate Round 1 revelations here:

“People who put their hands in their pockets are liars.”

Akemi’s Science Fact(?) of the Day

You can all breathe a sigh of relief.  My Snow Monkeys are well on their way to securing a win in the first round of fantasy football league play.  It looked iffy early on but thanks to big-time performances from Todd Gurley, DeAndre Hopkins, and Davante Adams, we’re looking ahead to a semi-final match-up against The Goats (who we beat by 35 points back in…

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December 9, 2017: DarkGate International Fan Q&A! Your choice of underwear could be prematurely aging you! Toronto Fan Days!

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Monday, December 11th at 21:30 Greenwich time (That’s 4:30 p.m. EST/1:30 p.m PST for those of you on this side of the pond) I’ll be hitting twitter for #DarkGate, round 2.  Over the course of the hour, I’ll be hitting twitter to field Dark Matter and Stargate-related questions from international fans.  Circle the date!

Here’s what we covered in the first round Q&A.

“Wearing black underwear makes  you old.”

Akemi’s Science Fact(?) of the day.

Every so often, Akemi will impart a nugget of wisdom gleamed from the internet or a Japanese variety show.  She’s rarely able to  supply actual links to the studies, but corroborating evidence is beside the point.  I mean, who has time to read research-based abstracts while the article clothing you are wearing could actually be adding years to your life?  According to Akemi (who heard it discussed on Honmadekka TV), your skin…

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December 8, 2017: Thank you’s, t-shirts, and trailers!

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And that’s a wrap on Project A 2017 writers’ room.  Over the course of the past five days, we broke the pilot, broad stroked the second episode, bulleted the first episode character arcs, fleshed out the backstory of our aliens, overviewed our five season plan, ate a hell of a lot of breakfast pastries and cookies, and polished off a bottle of delicious Cuban dark rum my buddy Tio sent my way.  Thanks to David Ray, Alex Levine, and Samantha Mastai for their veritable whirlwind of ideas.  I could barely keep up!

May we have the opportunity to do it all over again (x9!) in the not too distant future.

Now, I’m off to write the outline and, soon after, that pilot script.  Some really great character dynamics in this one.  Can’t wait for you all to read see it!

Oh, damn.  Who’s going?  Well, I – for one –…

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December 7, 2017: Last night’s #DarkGate highlights!

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Here are the highlights from last night’s Dark Matter/Stargate (#DarkGate) Q&A!  Thanks to Tom Gardiner for the banner!

On my plans for ONE/Derrick Moss…

On my plans to bring some more Stargate alums in as guest stars:

On my big arc plan for Dark Matter season 4:

My plans for exploring the THREE/Android dynamic:

On the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Derrick Moss’s wife:

On that dark timeline glimpsed at the end of “All the Time in the World”:

On my plans for FIVE’s sister:

On the mysterious Kryden:

On my plans for SIX:

On my plans for Sarah:

On my immediate plans for an alien-possessed TWO:

More answers to come in next week’s #DarkGate Q&A for international fans (to be announced)!

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December 6, 2017: Awesome Comic Book Covers – Week of December 6th, 2017!

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Join us tonight for a Dark Matter/Stargate tweetfest – 10/9c!

And while you rev up for the big event, check out my favorite comic book covers of the week…

Batman #36 (cover art by Jordie Bellaire)

What a great mid-action shot of two of the biggest badass BFF’s.  A celebration of friendship, sure, but look at the grim determination on their faces.  These guys mean business.

Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #2 (cover art by Clayton Henry, Mark Morales, and Tomeu Morey)

Pandemonium reigns in this lightning flash snapshot suffused in cool blues and vibrant whites.  Dynamic.

Cyborg #19 (cover art by Guy Major, Ivan Nunes, and Cliff Richards)

Man down!  Love the composition of this shot, our fallen hero foreground, the ominous antagonist looming large against the background foliage.   Also loving the details on Cyborg’s shell, the tattoos, and the splintered scattered remnants.

DC Universe Holiday…

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December 5, 2017: Project A!

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To be perfectly honest, I was looking forward to some time off.  Nothing crazy.  Maybe a month.  Or six.  While a lot of my fellow writers start going stir crazy after a few directionless weeks, I have no problem sleeping in, spending time with my girlfriend and the dogs, and reading into the wee hours.  And that WAS the plan but, prior to leaving Vancouver, my agent arranged for sit-downs with some of the local production companies.  I figured, why not?  If nothing else, I would know what I’d be missing.

Anyway, great meetings all, and one in particular in which I was presented with the opportunity to help develop something.  I liked the project a lot, but especially liked the people involved – and, at this point in my career, that’s what I’m looking for: interesting projects and good collaborators.  As they used to say on Stargate: “LTS”…

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December 3, 2017: Brush with the supernatural!

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We’ve all experienced them at least once in our lives, those inexplicable, unnerving instances that make us wonder whether dark forces are at play, their subtle and sinister hands manipulating our reality from afar.  They leave an impression, an indelible mark at the deepest levels of your subconscious, buried away by overwhelming reason, the steadfast grip of sanity, and a fear of the unknown and explained.  We all have these stories.  This is mine.

It happened so long ago, I can barely remember when, but I do recall it was a quiet night at my childhood home.  The plan had been for a group of us to get together and resume play on a gaming campaign interrupted by an early school night, but a storm front had moved in late that day, washing out some of the local roads, making for treacherous driving conditions.  A couple of my friends had…

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