March 5, 2018: The Battle of the Black Gate Approaches, Stargate Fans!

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Kicking off today’s blog entry with a terrific article about the #DriveToRevive, what we’re trying to accomplish, and what Stargate means to fans:

A Fan Movement Wants To Bring Stargate Back To TV

The same article contains links to some terrific interviews:

One with Master Bra’tac – 10 Questions With Tony Amendola

Another with Dr. Carson Beckett – 10 Questions With Paul McGillion

BTW – On the heels of our International test drive, I wanted to give a shout-out to a our Top 3 Tweeters!

Yeah!  That’s the kind of enthusiasm we need!

Please continue to spread the word.  These upcoming tweet-storms will be our Battle of the Black Gate/Battle of the Morannon!

We need all hands on deck this Friday night!  And again on Saturday night!

After that, we leave it to MGM.  So, if there was ever time for you to step up in support of

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March 4, 2018: Thank you, Stargate International Fans! Stargate A Besoin De Vous! Creating Destiny’s nexus controls!

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Another day, another successful tweet-fest run-thru.  Here are the stats from yesterday’s event…

Although we had more contributors, we had fewer tweets and a smaller reach, but that can be attributed to a number of things: the lack of influencers, a few miscues, and, of course, soccer (aka football).  There were more than a few instances where participants used the wrong hashtag, more than one hashtag, or, in some cases, no hashtag at all – but that’s okay because the whole point of the test-drive was to shake off the rust, work out the kinks, and educate everyone on how it works.  And, now that we’re all on the same page, we’re going to BLOW UP twitter next weekend.  Specifically…

Friday, March 9th at 6:00 p.m. PST/9:00 EST and again –

Saturday, March 10th at 7:00 p.m. GMT.

The first is for Stargate fans in North America, the second for

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March 3, 2018: Congratulations, Stargate fans! One more test-drive to go!

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Well, last night’s #TestTheDrive campaign went very well.  Here’s how we did in that hour…


Almost 35k tweets in an hour.  Fantastic.  I think we can work on those replies, making more of an effort to engage with our fellow tweeters, but overall this is amazing for a dry run.  Almost everyone was fantastic at following the one hashtag rule with only about 1% of participants tweeting out more than one.

We got a big boost from some influencers lead by Stargate’s Michael Shanks, and Dark Matter’s Zoie Palmer and Alex Mallari Jr.  Majorie Liu, Rachel Caine, Peter Williams, Simone Bailly, Jeff Teravainen, Corin Nemec, Mika McKinnon,  Patrick Gilmore, Mike Dopud, and David Nykl were instrumental were a big part of yesterday’s tweet storm that saw us trending in both the U.S. and Canada.  As were you all, especially these three, our top tweeters…

Wow!  In fact, we continued…

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March 2, 2018: Tonight’s the Night! Join us for the Stargate Tweet-Storm Rehearsal!

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Have plans tonight?  Well, cancel them!  Unless, of course, said plans involve tonight’s scheduled tweet-storm in which case uncancel them because we need you online as we test the engines on the #DriveToRevive!

Are you a fan of Stargate: SG-1, Atlantis and/or Universe?

Its memorable characters?  Carter?  McKay?  That sassy little alien Hermoid?

Its momentous moments?  Daniel Jackson’s ascension?  Atlantis’s rise?  That time Universe’s Dale Volker tried to educate Scott and Greer on the distinction between a rambutan and a longan?

Its amazing ships?  Destiny?  The Daedalus?  Sam and Jack?

Well then join us tonight as we take our first big step in our campaign to let MGM know fans want a fourth in-canon series created by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, a new series that offers a fresh start for new viewers while paying tribute to what came before, instead of…


Artist rendition of…

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March 1, 2018: Stargate news and revving up for tomorrow’s revive rehearsal!

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Hey, speak of the devil!

Former (and future?) Stargate television series co-creator/writer/showrunner Robert C. Cooper casts his upcoming miniseries.  Joining him on Unspeakable, none other than fellow Stargate alum Michael Shanks –

Also on board for Unspeakable is former Stargate writer-Executive Producer Carl “The Truth” Binder –


(Carl Binder – file photo)

Meanwhile, former SGU veteran Brian J. Smith scores yet another gig:

‘L.A. Confidential’: Brian J. Smith To Star In CBS Drama Pilot

Congratulations, all!

Who’s ready for tomorrow #DriveToRevive rehearsal tweet-storm?  This is a great opportunity for first-timers to get a lay of the land while allowing veteran tweeters an opportunity to shake off the rust.  We’re laying down the hammer at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. pacific.

A rulers refresher:

Otherwise feel free to bring your friends and wear whatever you like.  There is no dress code!

I’ve already got my outfit picked out…

“If you…

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February 28, 2018: The Stargate Initiative Gaining Steam and Best Comic Book Covers of the Week!

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Less than 10 days out from our scheduled tweet-storm, the Stargate Initiative is gaining steam!  The @StargateNow twitter account is inching towards 9k followers with a number of familiar faces boarding the drive including: @MichaelShanks@dhewlett, @martingero, @cpbinder, @Ivonbartok, @redTamsen, @JeffTeravainen, @dopudmike, @Ayisha_Issa, @PatrickGilmore, @mikamckinnon, @marksavela, @PeterKelamis, @MichaelMoreci, @MichaelWelchAct, @SamMaggs, @actualApophis, @ranthonylemke, @SuanneBraun, @cliffsimon, @PaulyMcGillion, @imcorinnemec, @SimoneBaily, @AlexMallariJr.  And we still have over a week to go!


We’ll be doing a trial run in preparation for next week’s tweet-storm.  Join us Friday, March 2nd (fans in America) and Saturday, March 3rd (international fans) at the above times.   We’ve got you covered!  (Thanks for the assist, Kelli and Irena)

Onto our weekly feature: My favorite comic book covers of the week…

Actionverse: Stray #6 (cover art…

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February 27, 2018: Stargate Tweet-Storm 2018 – The Dress Rehearsal!

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Like The A-Team’s Hannibal Smith, I love it when a plan comes together.  And this one is coming along nicely.  No need to construct gas pump flamethrowers or figure out a way to modify a wood chipper into a cabbage launcher.  All you need to do is head on over to twitter and follow @StargateNow.  Less than two weeks out from our back-to-back Stargate tweet storms and the official twitter home of the #DriveToRevive campaign already has 8500 followers.   Let’s try to make it 10k by this weekend.

As we ready for the next Friday’s double event, the StargateInitiative is going to do a little dry run.  This Friday, March 2nd at 9 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. PST, we’re going to do a little pre-tweetstorm to show everyone how it’s done.  Swing on by and take part in the run-through.  Connect with fellow fans.  Check out some awesome Stargate

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February 26, 2018: Save the date Stargate fans!

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In less than two weeks, we’ll be blowing up the internet with a good old-fashioned tweet-storm.  Actually, two.

Friday, March 9th at 6:00 p.m. PST/9:00 p.m. EST – for North American fans

Saturday, March 10th at 7:00 p.m. GMT – for International fans.

[note: corrected times]

Of course (and preferably), you can show up for both events – but I don’t want to impose.

All we need is an hour of your time…but if you want to stick around and make a night of it, let’s do it!

When we orchestrated our last tweet-fest in support of Dark Matter, the turnout was pretty insane.  Here are the stats from that September 15th event:

Them’s huge numbers – and we did that with a core group of some 7000 Dark Matter fans following the @DarkMatterFTL account.  Today, with 11 days to go, the @StargateNow campaign account already has 8 000…

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February 25, 2018: SciFi Fandoms United!

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Stargate was a fantastic 12-year experience for me.  I learned a lot from showrunners Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, the cast, the crew, and fandom. Among the greatest takeaways from my time on the show is this oft-repeated (by me) nugget: “Fans tune in for the hook, but they stay for the characters”.  To that, I would add the importance of family, something that is at the core of all three Stargates.  On SG-1, it’s team SG-1.  On Atlantis, it’s the Atlantis Expedition. And on Universe, it’s the crew of the Destiny.  They may be very different personalities, have totally different outlooks, and disagree at times, but despite all the challenges they face, they are family – to each other and to fans around the world.  Looking back, it was no coincidence that one of the final scenes I wrote for Stargate was the farewell dinner…

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What Has Hillary Clinton Done?

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I was not a Hillary Clinton supporter. (Enough with the Bushes and Clintons already!) That said, I saw a FB post listing a bunch of her accomplishments and milestones and decided to do a little research to see what was true, and what was a lie. Assuming something must be wrong, I searched for independent sources (many published long before the heat of the presidential campaign). This is what I found. All credit to the original author(?). I added some, deleted some, edited some, and researched and inserted all the links you see.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

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