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The Classic (mushroom & lentil patty, in-house smoked portobello, queso, magic sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles) and “Crab Cake” (hearts of palm & celeriac patty, tartar, lettuce, pickles) Burgers accompanied by Buffalo cauliflower and fries at Planta Burger.

Given the fact it’s impossible to get an Impossible Burger here in Toronto (ironic, no?), I thought we’d try the next best thing: the meatless burgers at Planta Burger. To be honest, they were…okay.  Texturally uninspired (I was hoping the “crab cake” would, at the very least, be crispy) and underwhelming in flavor.  The cauliflower was a disaster, almost half the deep-fried portions pure batter.  But the fries were pretty damn great!


The “Uji Matcha” soft serve at Butter Avenue.

Devoid of any real matcha flavor, it really tasted more like a berry base (raspberry or strawberry?).  Refreshing, but a bit of a bait and switch.

The chocolate-coffee ice cream sandwich…

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