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So, yesterday, I offered a rundown of My Top 10 Funnest Episodes, simply put – the ten  episodes (out of the 100 or so episodes of television I’m credited on as a writer) I had the most fun scripting.  I decided to offer up the flip side and give you My Top 10 Toughest Episodes and have narrowed the list down to 13.  Some interesting candidates made the cut and I look forward to hearing what you think once I post the rundown in the coming days.

In the meantime, my various hobbies (aka side projects) continue apace:

This afternoon, I spent a few hours with the creator of a sci-fi show I may or may not be showrunning, breaking down the series engine and first season arc across those initial ten episodes.  For the first time, it’s really crystalizing for me in terms of creative direction and I’m…

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