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Dark Matter’s Vanessa Piazza

Over the course of my three years show running Dark Matter, I’ve given shout-outs to the various individuals whose talent and commitment to their craft made it all possible.  I’ve referenced the cast, the crew, and the post-production personnel who made coming to work every day such a delight.  Chiefest among them was Vanessa Piazza – Executive Producer and all-around troubleshooter – who not only helped set up the series (I honestly don’t think we could have gotten that green light without her), but was an active force throughout the long, often challenging, ultimately rewarding process.

Vanessa on set with fellow producer Ivon Bartok.   

She was by my side throughout early prep (construction of our standing sets, costumes, props, casting), production (in all of the prep meetings for each episode, spearheading negotiations, supervising the on set action), and post-production (weighing in on music, visual…

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