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Winter is almost upon us and, while it’s almost impossible to coax my french bulldog, Lulu, outdoors at the mere sight of snow, our senior pug, Suji, loves the frisky weather.  I don’t know what it is – maybe the fact that she was, literally, raised in a barn – but she seems impervious to the elements and has no problem with snow.  Hell, she loves the stuff – sniffle-snaffling and trotting aboubt, literally punching down the soft powder with her paws until WE have enough, scoop her up and bring her inside.  I suspect she may have some Viking blood in her.

Warm AND fashionable.

Rudolph’s substitute.

Not sure whether she looks festive or old world East European ecclesiastical.

Seeing triple.  Natural Japan Eats, a farmer’s market favorite for Japanese treats, created these awesome Suji onigiri.

Carbing up for those cold winter months.

Of course, being cosy…

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