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Uh oh.

Ladies in waiting.  Melissa O’Neil and Zoie Palmer kick back on the bridge between set-ups.

Ron Murphy calling the shots on our season finale.

Marauder rehearsal with Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, and Roger Cross.

Setting the stage for some major sparkage.

The prisoners part company.

Rehearsing the Reynaud reveal.

Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok and Zoie Palmer discuss while a relaxed Roger Cross looks on.

Running through the last Raza crew mess scene of Dark Matter’s third season.

Focus on Ferland.

Actor Anthony Lemke stands on an apple box to appear taller than me in photos.

Capturing TWOlien on the move.

Anthony all smiles.

Setting up the Ryo to the Rescue sequence.

Director Ron Murphy likes what he sees.

Jodelle Ferland out of control at the controls.

Prepping the big white hole bomb reveal.

Zoie Palmer and Jodelle Ferland share a laugh between takes.


Andrew Moodie in charge…

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