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Slowly but surely, the pieces of the grand puzzle fall into place…

The alt. crew swings a deal with Commander Nieman of Ferrous Corp

Commander Nieman of Ferrous Corp reaches out to Emperor Ryo Ishida

TWO is kidnapped by alt Boone in the closing moments of last episode and shuttled to…parts unknown

Ferrous Corp is poised to claim victory over their rivals

Zairon is on the verge of defeat

The crew of The Raza has seemingly forestalled an alien invasion

And, in the next two weeks, all of these elements will come together in the fiery conclusion to Dark Matter’s third season.

A few notes about last night’s episode, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”…

Actress Kate Drummond (aka Agent Lucado, Wynonna Earp) actually auditioned for AND won the role for another guest star scheduled to appear earlier this season.  But, days before her costume fitting, I received a call from…

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