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Akemi today upon setting eyes on the new Canadian ten dollar bill –

“Wow.  Team Senior.  You have to be dead to be on the bill.  It’s very sad when you think about it.”

Had two great back to back chats with Paste Magazine’s  Alexis Gunderson and CarterMatt’s Matt Carter this morning.  Over the course of the hour, we discussed all things Dark Matter including a few hints as to what lies in store for the show’s fourth season.  It’s going to be spectacular!

Yep.  All we need is that fourth season pickup and it’ll be smooooooooooooth sailing!

 Aimee Hicks at SpoilerTV offers an Advance Preview of this Friday night’s episode of Dark Matter (“The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”)

Dark Matter has been on a roll this season shedding new light on plot points set up in prior seasons and that trend is continuing. This episode shows that…

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