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Tonight at 9/8C on SYFY, it’s an all-new episode of Dark Matter – “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”.  We raise the stakes yet again as the pieces of Alexander Rook’s plans for Rebecca (and her kind) fall into place.  And the discoveries made this episode will have major repercussions.

Check out twitter during the broadcast to live tweet with the cast!

My chat with Matt Carter – Dark Matter Season 3 Stories, Finale, Season 4 Odds

“Three has obviously never been the biggest fan of androids, and now the love of his life is one. Ironic, no? She’s essentially out of touch; I wouldn’t say that she’s riding with a bad crowd, but she’s riding with a crowd that may influence her in a way that Three may not support. I’ll say that, and I’ll say that we have big plans for the Sarah character. That story should be a lot of…

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