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A little while ago, a buddy of mine forwarded me an old article he came across while clearing out his place.  Titled “Winning the Space Race”, it was a piece on Stargate: SG-1.  The article intros: “It’s slammed by critics and sci-fi diehards, but Stargate: SG-1 has become the little show that could, staying on the air even longer than the X-Files or any of the Star Trek series.”

Reading the article took me back to those glory days – and, strangely, made me realize that, after all these years, my situation hasn’t really changed.  Specifically, I refer to the parallels between my old show, Stargate: SG-1, and my new one, Dark Matter.  Sure there are the obvious similarities – the fact that Paul Mullie and I played a significant role in the creative of both, the underlying humor and sense of fun shared by SG-1 and

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