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Let’s answer some questions…

Georgia G.: “Just a small question… now that the episode descriptions have been revealed, does this mean we will finally see which doggie pics match up with what episodes, soon?”

Answer: Sure, once the finale has aired I’ll post them.

Ponytail: “You’ve gone quiet in your house hunting. Did you find a place to live?”

Answer: Not yet.  It looks likely we’ll just move into a rental in September.  That should give us the time to look for the perfect place.

26mengel: “Is it possible, our beloved Android was created from the DNA of a deceased person?”

Answer: Interesting theory.  The truth will be revealed in two shorts weeks – Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”.

Irene Strobach: “I recently came across your blog entry of May 10, 2011 in which you told about the upcoming Dark Matter comic book and revealed your ideas of how the…

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