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On SYFY, the Revolution of Leading Ladies Is Already Being Televised – by Alexis Gunderson at Paste Magazine.

” From Wynonna, Waverly and Officer Haught on Wynonna Earp to Dutch, Pawter and Clara on Killjoys to Two, Five, Android, Nyx, Misaki, Sarah and Solara on Dark Matter, Syfy has spent the last several summers demonstrating week after sweltering week that by transforming femininity into narrative power, and then placing that narrative power squarely in the hands of multiple, wildly different leading ladies, a whole metric ton of compelling stories can be told—stories in which boobs (begging zero pardon for this pun, as Wynonna would never forgive me if I did) are just the tips of a complexly feminine iceberg.”

Mishka Thebaud discusses Adrian’s Bright Future with Kelly Townsend of The TVJunkies

” I remember getting the script and thinking, “Is this right? Is this a typo? Why is my…

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