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Last night’s episode, “One Last Card To Play”, was one of my third season Top 3 Favorites along with Episode 304, “All The Time In The World”.  So, what did you all think?

I talk “One Last Card To Play” with Kelly Townsend of TheTVJunkies:

“Anthony and Melissa and all the cast will come by the office and discuss things like character arcs and specific episodic beats. Frankly, Zoie and I exchange more texts than I do with my girlfriend because she’s asking if she can try this or that. It’s one of those things where you’ve just got to trust them. These characters are as much theirs as they are mine. I’ve created them, but they’ve given them life. You’ve got to give them a certain amount of leeway and then you’re always incredibly rewarded.”

SYFYWire’s Tricia Ennis:

“I’m honestly kinda worried about where Ryo is headed…

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