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It’s time to rally the troops!  Once this Friday’s episode of Dark Matter is behind us, we’ll be nearing the halfway mark of the show’s third season.  Unbelievably, you’ll only have 7 more episodes left until…

Well, that’s up to you.  To ensure that fourth season pick-up, we need to keep getting the word out, continue getting new viewers on board and, of course, keep supporting the show by watching it on SYFY and SpaceChannel (and Netflix!).

The truth is, it’s all in YOUR hands now and, by YOUR, I refer to our legion of dedicated Dark Matter fans.  The fate of the series rests with you!

In many ways, Dark Matter is reminiscent of my time on Stargate, another show that didn’t have a ton of money, or much press or support from the bigger online sites, but succeeded beyond expectations on the strength of its fandom –…

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