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Another two Open Houses this weekend, another 5+ hours of self-imposed exile for Akemi and I and the dogs.  We packed up the dog beds, the strollers, the water bottles and bowls, the collars and leashes, the dog treats – and headed out for a nice long walk…

Which, for my geriatric, achy-boned old dogs was all of 12 minutes or so before we pulled up a table at Elysian Coffee on West Broadway and whiled away the afternoon.  Apparently, we’ll be getting three offers on the house tonight.  I am…ambivalent.  Unless this results in a bidding war in which case I’ll be somewhat intrigued.

Yo, Ice Cream Face!  We stopped by Bella Gelateria for some buffalo milk fiore di latte.

Lulu’s ice pack collar is both cool and ridiculous looking.

Doing 50 mph in a 30 mph zone!

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