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Like me, my mother is a fairly prolific reader.  Unlike me, she prefers books with soft conflicts and happy endings.  You know, the ones that inevitably get adapted for television by the Hallmark Channel.  So, apparently, last week she started to read a book so upsetting that she couldn’t get the images out of her mind.  Not upsetting like that time I recommended Octavia Butler’s “Parable of the Sower” and all she could think of was post-apocalyptic scenarios for days, but horrifyingly distressing to the extent that she wanted to throw the book away after those first few pages!  To my mother, throwing out a book is tantamount to sacrilege but she was compelled to act out of fear someone else might come across the book and read it.

“What’s the book?”I asked my sister who informed me of the bizarre reading experience.

My sister texted back…

My sis suspects…

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