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We’re now four days away from one of my favorite episodes of Dark Matter, episode 304: “All The Time In The World”.  Sure, you can look up the official short synopsis online, but I’d just go with my more succinct and descriptive “cuckoo-bananas” summary.  If you have friends or family members or casual acquaintances who’ve yet to check out the show, THIS is the episode to get them onboard.

There’s a fairly spoilerific official preview scene floating around out there you can track down.  OR you can check out these screen grab teasers instead…

Slow but sure progress in the season 4 writers’ room.  We’re about halfway through breaking episode 403.  At this rate, we should have all 13 episodes broken by mid-July.

Unfortunately, the room itself will only run another week and a half.

Today, I leave you with a video of Suji demonstrated her displeasure with a…

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