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Well, that’s it.  We’ve done our part.  We made the show.  We got the word out. Now, it’s in your hands.  Tune in tomorrow (and in the coming days and weeks) for our double episode premiere.  Tell your friends and family.  Tell your acquaintances. Tell complete strangers!  Let’s make this coming season of Dark Matter the biggest yet.

Thank you to our awesome cast and crew, and everyone involved in this well-oiled machine, from directors to post-production personnel.

Thank you to Prodigy Pictures President Jay Firestone for always striving to make the best show possible.

Thank you to Chris Regina and the gang at Syfy for the support and the two amazing trailers.

Thank you to Steve Patschek, Bipasha Ghosh, Kristin Mente and the rest of the gang at Syfy International for their support – and the brand new after show, After Dark, which will air following our double…

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