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Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead oversees the second unit boarding sequence.

The Raza drops out of FTL, ready for action.

A few new shipping options for season 3…




My, aren’t we popular?

Check out Kelly Townsend’s Dark Matter Season 3 Preview: The Past Comes Back to Haunt Them at The TV Junkies.

Mallozzi confirmed that fans will finally get the Android’s full origin story at some point late in the season, which was hinted at near the end of Season 2 when Ryo told the Android that the information about her past is not lost, but simply inaccessible, due to the reboot in the pilot episode. “In this episode, she is able to recall certain flashes, glimpsing life prior to the group going into stasis,” reveals Mallozzi. “It sheds light on her relationship with Portia, with Portia’s relationship with Das, and [the Android’s] relationship with Ryo.”

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