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Some never-before-seen clips here…

As someone (possibly Ryo Ishida) marches down a corridor, TWO informs us (translated from Spanish), that Ferrous Corp wasn’t responsible…it was Ryo Ishida!

We see the EOs-7 space station blow up, sending debris flying by camera – including a familiar-looking shuttle.

Yes.  There’s no doubt.  That’s The Marauder floating amidst the station’s debris field.

Emperor Ryo Ishida wields a blade in ominous fashion. Who’s on the receiving end of his apparent wrath?

FIVE is wearing the neural devices she used to access the memories squirreled away in her subconscious back in Episode 6.  Perhaps another trip down memory lane?

A mystery man welcomes Ryo back home.  Could this be Teku Fonsei (played by Adam Moodie), Ryo’s former tutor?

Teku (?) informs Ryo that he has underestimated his former friends – and Ryo doesn’t seem too happy about it.

And explosion inside a…

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