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Over at The Nerd Recites, Christopher Hart breaks it down: What To Expect From Dark Matter Season 3

“Not only does Two state outright in the trailer that they should aim to kill four, but we see her fighting with Four briefly. Given Four’s new villainous status, this was predicable, but the voracity with which Two seems to be gunning for Four is surprising and exciting.”

And at SciFiAndTVTalk, my old friend Steve Eramo sets the stage for our double-episode premiere:

Next Week on Dark Matter – Double Episode Season Premiere

Check out this short trailer from Syfy Latin America –

A number of shots that don’t appear in the U.S. trailer…

Ryo Ishida looking large and in charge.

A mystery drone hovering over a, uh, mystery man.

TWO, THREE, and SIX seemingly gunning for someone.

What has brought TWO to tears?

THREE in the arms off… Is that Lieutenant…

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