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Hey international fans, here are you Dark Matter season 3 premiere dates!

The Melissa O’Neil/Anthony Lemke t.v. tour continues…

Let’s check out more of the recently released Episode 301 (“Being Better Is So Much Harder”) stills:

Look at this rugged dreamboat, all casual and such despite the ever-present danger.

Wait!  Hang on!   Is it…?  Could it be…?  It looks like Lieutenant Anders (Jeff Teravainen).  But that’s impossible.  Didn’t he take a couple of slugs to the chest back in Episode 202 (“Kill Them All”)?  And wasn’t that his ghost we glimpsed back in the season 2 finale (“But First We Save The Galaxy”)?

Funny little story about Torri Higginson (The Mikkei Combine’s Commander Delaney Truffault).  When I created the character, I immediately thought of Torri (who I worked with back on Stargate: Atlantis).  She nailed the audition, imbuing the character with a touch of Mae West sass, and…

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