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Evidently, matching dog pics to unseen episodes is a lot harder than it looks.  The majority of those who tried their luck at this latest contest averaged between 2-3 correct answers…out of 13!  Some managed a very impressive 6, even 7 correct matches.  But our winner smoked them all with an astounding 10 correct matches!

Congratulations to Chad B.!  While others may have doubted you, I never lost faith in your guessing abilities!

A little screen grab from Dark Matter’s upcoming third season…

What’s going on here?  Theories?  Wild guesses?

Yep, it’s a grueling schedule and our casts works very hard.  Pictured above, Anthony Lemke after a particularly exhausting day on set.  And this was just our first episode of the season!

Zoie Palmer and Jodelle Ferland run through a scene with director Bruce McDonald at the helm.  Wait.  Is that an Adventure Time t-shirt?

Roger Cross and Co-Executive Producer…

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