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Suji has really settled into the Vancouver groove, making a daily habit of exploring the backyard, staking out her favorite dog beds, and being generally cantankerous around any visitors to her new home.  If you ever met her, she’d either ignore you or direct a incessant barrage of barks your way.  Like most celebrities, she’s a lot different in person – not quite the sweetheart you see on screen.  But adorable nevertheless.

The bitter taste of Woodstock’s insolence!

Lulu on the other hand, may look like a little terror, but is the sweetest, gentlest dog you could ever hope to meet.

As happy as she was to pack up her gear and relocate back to the west coast, she is clearly a Toronto gal at heart – partly for its dog parks, partly for the greater likelihood that people will stop and pay attention to her on its downtown streets…

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