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Hey, help me out here.  What the heck is going on in the above screen grab?  Fan theories are go!

Dark Matter behind the scenes – Actor Anthony Lemke (THREE) and Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok in animated debate.

Dark Matter behind the scenes – Production Day 1 of 91!

Director Paul Day field actor Roger Cross’s “You really want me to deliver the line THAT way?” look.

Director John Stead runs through the scene.

Well, I’ve almost completed my reviews of the relevant materials and am a couple of days away from announcing the Rogue Star nominees in the categories of Best Genre Short Story, Best Genre Novelette, Best Genre Novel, and Best Comic Book Series – of 2016.  No selection committee.  No panel of esteemed judges.  Just me…and my opinion.  So, like every other award out there, it’s completely subjective!

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