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I can hardly believe that we’re only two weeks away from Dark Matter’s double episode premiere.  It doesn’t feel that long ago that we were in the writers’ room, fruitlessly spinning our wheels in an attempt to gain creative traction on stories for the show’s third season.  Not that long ago that I sat down to write episode 304 (“All The Time In the World”) armed with nothing but a vague notion of a story – and a very definite deadline.  No, not that long ago at all that I received news that forced me scuttle a planned story and come up with a totally crazy script for episode 309 (“Isn’t That A Paradox?”).  And yet, here we are!

So, what lies ahead for our crew of badass mercenaries?  Well, this –

And that –

Oh.  And that –

But you’ll all know soon enough.

Dark Matter’s baddest bad boy…

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