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“She’s more popular than you!”said Akemi.  The “she” being Suji and the “you”, of course, being me.

We were taking the dogs for a walk down west fourth avenue when we happened by a yoga shop.  When Lulu tried to casually stroll into the place, Suji, of course, attempted to follow.  “Suji!”called Akemi.  Suji stopped and glanced back.  At which point, one of the salesgirls hurried over and asked: “Is that Suji?”  Er…yes.  “I follow her on instagram!”  Seriously.  This was the third time she’s been recognized by a complete stranger.  Of course, like any professional celebrity, Suji played it cool, posing for pics, even allowing the salesgirl to pick her up and get a photo with her.

I tell ya, I should follow up on Jodelle and Melissa’s suggestion and include a shipboard mascot next season.

So, we checked out a few condos yesterday (pictured above: me in my condo-checking…

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