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Check out the cool poster compliments of the gang at Syfy.  Mighty awesome, no?

Copy and disseminate!  The Dark Matter double episode premiere is two weeks away!

And when the show returns, we’ll be joined by a few new faces…

Hard Put-Upon Assistant and Wannabe Player Adrian Maro (Mishka Thebaud)

Pictured above – being handed his breakfast tray in our most jammy-filled episode yet (Episode 30: All The Time In the World).

Behind the scenes – yukking it up with notorious jabberer Anthony Lemke…while poor Jodelle struggles to get any reading done.


Former SDC Officer and Choke-Out Bodyguard Solara Shockley (Ayisha Issa)…

P.S. She’s a purple belt in Brazilian jiujitsu – the actress, not the character!  Please keep this in mind so you don’t get on her bad side at the next con.

Fortunately, she’s on our side.

I think.


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