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I’ve settled into a nice little routine since returning to Vancouver.  I wake up early, hit the treadmill for a run (while watching  a couple of episodes of Seinfeld), head over to Granville Island for some fresh fish and produce, have a protein shake for lunch, take the dogs for an outing, spend the afternoon reading outside on the back patio, have dinner, watch an episode of…something, shower, read for a couple of hours, watch a Japanese t.v. show with Akemi, and then lights out.

I really could get used to this.

I do, occasionally, shake things up.  Like, yesterday, when I sent out a brief overview of the major arcs for Dark Matter’s fourth season.  Or tomorrow when Akemi and I meet up with a real estate agent to check out condos in Yaletown.


The Handmaid’s Tale

Presents a chilling alt future with Orwellian echoes.  I was hooked…

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