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Almost finished packing.  Almost finished my farewells.  Tomorrow, we’re up at the crack of pre-dawn (5:00 a.m. here, 2 a.m. for those of you on the west coast, and 11:00 p.m. today for those of you in Hawaii) to catch our early flight back to Vancouver.

As always, my big concern is the dogs – chunky little Lulu and cantankerous Suji. We took them to a pug meet-up today and ran (well, okay, strolled) them ragged, then plan to follow up with a post-dinner night walk to make sure they nice and tired.  Akemi gave them some gravol the other day to see how they would react. Lulu snoozed peacefully for four hours while an unusually alert Suji spent the afternoon barking at the ceiling lights and reflections.  Hmmmm.  No breakfast tomorrow so, hopefully, they’ll be nice and empty for the flight.  Just in case though, we’ve got the diapers…

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