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I’m doubly pleased to report that Suji is on the mend following a quick out-patient procedure to remove to suspicious lumps – both of which came back as non-cancerous growths.  She celebrated the news by kicking back and spending the afternoon with her new best friend, Pinky Cactuscadero.

Spent the last two days in Montreal visiting with mom.  On the menu: crab mousse, hot pepper, rack of lamb, Smoke Meat Pete’s, cream puffs, and an afternoon’s fruitless attempts to order her a Dyson vacuum cleaner!

Me and mademoiselle.  Mom was predictably less than enamored of the scruffy look.  “There’s a razor and shaving cream upstairs,”she informed me as I stepped in the door.

Our Aurevoir Tour continues with a fond farewell to my very favorite network exec of all time, Gosia Kamela, over one of my very favorite desserts of all time – the sticky toffee pudding at Nota Bene

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