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Eons ago, while I was on a journey through the Far East, a practitioner of the mystic, manipulative arts foretold I would experience dark times later in life. Specifically with my left shoulder.

Okay, so she was the masseuse at the Shangri-la Hotel in Hong Kong back in 2006, but she turned out to be eerily accurate.

Avoiding certain sleeping positions helps minimize the pain.  Said sleeping positions include (but are not limited to): lying on my left side, lying on my right side, lying on my stomach, lying on my back using a pillow that is either slightly too large or too small, sleeping without a pillow, and falling asleep in a chair or on a couch, plane, train, or car.  As I said, avoiding them helps but sometimes I’ll forget – like, say, when I’m sleeping.  As  a result, there are times when I wake up so sore I have to…

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