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Being in this business makes you automatically privy to the inside scoop on various film and television productions, mind-blowing accounts of egos run amok, exorbitant cost overruns, professional ineptness, and just plain bad behavior on the part of people in power.  Anecdotes of these ongoing disasters always command a great deal of attention but, occasionally, amid tales of clueless idiots hiring clueless idiots to mismanage multi-million dollar projects or the atmosphere on certain productions becoming so toxic and tightly wound that it reduces many a cast and crew member to tears, come stories of just the opposite – shows that receive a lot of love by fostering an onset sense of family and collective professionalism.

So rather than discuss the shitshows, let’s instead focus on these beloved locally shot productions that have made fast fans of the guest stars, directors and crew fortunate enough to spend time on their set.


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