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Even though I remain busy with post duties on Dark Matter season 3 (cuts, music reviews, mixes, and VFX approvals), I have made it a point NOT to think about season 4.  Not yet.  I do have a game plan complete with story and character arcs for next year but, for now, I’m taking a little break.  I plan to get on it next month…which, I guess, is Monday.  The season 4 writers’ room fast approaches (we’re aiming for June 12th in Vancouver, three days after our double episode premiere on Syfy and Space Channel) so I need to be more ready!  When the time comes, I’ll be joined by a few DM regulars in addition to, hopefully, a Stargate veteran I’ve been wanting to re-team with for years.  Exciting announcement to come!

The free time has allowed me to catch up on my reading.  So far in 2016, I’ve blazed…

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