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“Tonsilitis,”said the doctor.

“Tonsilitis?”I repeated.

“Tonsilitis?”asked a concerned Akemi.

“Tonsilities,”he confirmed.

“Surgery?”I asked.

“Surgery?!”said a suddenly panicked Akemi.

“No surgery,”said the doctor.

“No surgery?”I asked.

“No surgery,”he confirmed.

Apparently, tonsil surgery went out of style with in-flight smoking and salad gelatine.  Instead of a tonsillectomy, all she needs is about a week’s worth of antibiotics.  Oh, and – according to Akemi – one of these:

Despite my attempts to dissuade her, point out that it made her look like a hipster anarchist, she insisted on wearing one of these creepy surgical masks that are all the rage in Japan. I’m reminded of that King of the Hill episode where Hank Hill finds himself in Tokyo, attempting to flag down passersby for help.  “Excuse me,”he says.  “Pardon me.”  And then, to the guy walking by in the surgical mask – “Doctor.”

Hey!  You did it!  You all pulled together to come up…

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