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Over the past two seasons, you, the fans, have helped shape the show.  You’ve weighed in on everything from concept designs to episode titles and, today, your opinion counts more than ever as we seek to name the Dark Matter season 3 finale.

As in previous polls, I’m offering up a choice of three potential titles – all of them pieces of dialogue from the episode in question.  You may not know exactly what these words refer to given the lack of context, but each and every line offers up a hint of what’s to come.  In the ensuing weeks, I’ll go back and review the dialogue clues for every season 3 episode and maybe offer up a few more tantalizing tidbits of what awaits in the coming months.

But, first things first.  Choose your favorite season 3 finale title from amongst the following…

Polls close in 24 hours, so get…

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