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Daddy’s home!!!!

(Sorry.   Akemi took it portrait for instal-story.  Whatever that is.)

Exchanged emails with my prospective real estate agent in Vancouver.  Apparently, following a brief downturn, the market is picking back up.  Once again, we’re in for another round of “Should I or Shouldn’t I?”.  If we get that fourth season pick-up, it would make a whole lot of sense to just sell the house in Van, move to Toronto through, hopefully, the end of season 5, and then consider our options then.  The prospect of buying a condo in Japan becomes increasingly possible.  To be honest, the only thing holding me back are the dogs (having to take that cross-Pacific 10 hour journey).  That and the fact that my writing/producing opportunities may be somewhat…scanter there.  UNLESS I switch over to writing novels.  Maybe a tea cozy mystery series about a retired school teacher and her pet pug?…

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