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I’d like to start off today’s entry with a thank you to Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock for an informative and entertaining Q&A.  If you haven’t read it, check out yesterday’s blog instalment.

And now, I’d like to open the floor to yet another Q&A, this one with Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry.  Noreen and her team can be credited with all of the fabulous outfits you’ve seen on the show to date – and plenty more you WILL see in season 3 (including a Ryo Ishida outfit that I’m going to steal from wardrobe once the series wraps).  So, if you have questions for Noreen, post them in the comments section!

Inside the Ferrous Corp shipyard facility.  This baby got LIT UP today!

Oh damn.  Anyone recognize this Dark Matter celeb sporting a new look on set?

The camera team gears up for the derbiest sparkerific sequence since…

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