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Back in 2014 when we first started putting together our team for the show’s first season, Ian Brock’s name came up.  A LOT.  And always, whenever it did, it would be accompanied by the phrase: “He’s a genius”.  From different people at different points in the pre-pre-production process it was “Ian Brock” and “genius”.  Well, I’ve encountered very few geniuses over the course of my 20+ years in television so I was fairly skeptical.

In the next eight weeks or so, I watched Ian oversee the creation and construction of our standing sets – The Raza bridge, corridors, underbelly, quarters, infirmary, mess, and Marauder.  Then, in the ensuing months, it was space stations and spaceship interiors, mining colonies and palaces, builds big and small.  He  was spirited, smart, incredibly creative.  And, yeah, I finally realized – a genius.

He’s someone who can break down a script into its constituent locations and…

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