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I’d like to kick off this entry with a shout-out to this show’s biggest supporters. Well, next to the fans of course, there are no greater friends to Dark Matter than the folks at NBC Universal International/Syfy International.  They have gotten behind our little series in a big way, tirelessly promoting us from the very beginning, taking the time to come visit our sets, regularly complimenting the production.  The latter may seem like no big deal but I can assure you, as someone who has worked in this industry for many, many years, it is the exception not the rule.

They have been kind, complimentary, and very creative in their approach to not only getting the word out about the show, but producing extra content for the fans. This season, for instance, they’re spearheading a certain project I can’t talk about yet – but you’re all going to love.  But more on that…

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