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Guys, guys!  Not so fast!  We’re not heading back to Vancouver for another month and a half.  I’ve still got another two and a half weeks of production, one script rewrite, four cuts, and innumerable mixes to complete before I can start packing.

The action was fast and furious on main unit over at the Ishida Palace where the red wine and blood were flowing.  Dontcha just love family reunions?

Security cam footage from Rigel-9 captures two of this galaxy’s most wanted.

The subterranean meeting lair – a work in progress.

The Ferrous Corp shipyard – designed by Henry Fong.  Moving on to the VFX stage.

Between my various Dark Matter-related duties, I’ve managed to read 40 books so far this year.  The best book I’ve read to date – and, in fact, the best book I’ve read since my 2014 discovery of The Glass Castle – is Hannah Tinti’s 

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