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Set aside what you’re doing – taxes, homework, transplanting organs – and take a minute or two to cast your vote for another Dark Matter episode title.  Your choices:

You have 24 hours to weigh in!


John Stead directs Andrew Moodie (aka Teku Fonsei) on the bridge of the Ishida cruiser.


What, pray tell, is going on with all the black?


New Look FIVE courtesy of Renee Chan and Jodelle Ferland!

To those of you asking for the hot sauce recipe I used last week, I direct you to this Jamie Oliver video which I used as a guide –

EXCEPT – I used habanero peppers over cayenne, brown sugar and a touch of honey over white sugar, organic apple cider and a spoonful of organic apple puree over apple juice, smoked merken pepper from chile over chili powder, and shallots over onions.  I also skin the tomatoes before including…

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