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Despite his dire prognosis (2-3 months), Bubba has seemed pretty good this past week.  Following a single morning when his appetite apparently deserted him, he’s been back to his old self – eager to eat, walk, and sit on our laps.  He has been unusually needy of late, following Akemi around the apartment whenever she threatens to walk out of visual range, but appears to be soldiering on.  His hacking cough still persists, but mainly at night.


The other day, we took him to the East York Animal Clinic so that we could investigate some alternate homeopathic treatments (in conjunction with the Prednisone and Palladia he is already taking).  Of course, Suji was happy to come along for the ride.


It’s surprising how attached she’s gotten to Bubba in such a relatively short period of time (It’s been a little over two months since we adopted her).  When we come…

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