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Dark Matter Episode 6 approacheth! What are we in for?


“The episode is jam packed with reveals and new details about the crew. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to watch this episode, especially if you’ve been waiting for some answers.”


“In this sneak peek, we see her relive a memory from Four’s past. If this brief encounter with his young self is any indication, he didn’t have a very happy childhood. This little scene alone goes a long way toward explaining his dour mood … and his fighting abilities.”




Glenda writes: “Will there be any future scenes between David And Zoie?”

Answer: Not this season, but if we get that second season pick-up then plans are already in motion.

shaneac1 writes: “Ps any word on season 2 yet after all the Expanse hasn’t even aired yet and they just got greenlight for season…

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