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Give up the questions and nobody gets hurt!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry – in a bid to jam even more into Jodelle Ferland’s already jam-packed schedule, I’ve arranged for her to do a little fan Q&A on this blog.  So, if you have a question for Dark Matter’s FIVE, please post them in the comments section by Saturday…otherwise you’ll miss this great opportunity and have to wait until the next show I cast her in.


Today, we welcomed director Craig David Wallace (SlasherTodd and the Book of Pure Evil) to the Dark Matter whisky club.  And, while he was here, also asked him to direct Episode 310.  Talk about great timing!


The commendation presented to Lieutenant Kal Varrick as MVP of the Galactic Authority Softball Tournament.  Designed by 1st Assistant Art Director/Graphics Roxanne Borris.


Is this the end of The Raza?  Probably.  Plans are to…

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