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Ever wondered what Jodelle Ferland eats for breakfast?  What comic books she’s reading?  What is her favorite episode of Dark Matter?  Well, wonder no more because now YOU have a chance to ask her!

Starting today, the comments section of this blog is the place to post your burning questions for Dark Matter’s FIVE.  You have until this weekend before I bundle them up and send them to The Raza via a compressed subspace data burst.  So what are you waiting for???

Meanwhile, on the production front…


The Galactic Authority seal of honor.  A Roxanne Borris-design.


Director Ron Murphy and Co-Executive Producer Robbie David scheme.


On set with the Android, Zoie Palmer. img_6411I’m…not sure.


Director Paul Day sets up his shot with an assist from Director of Photography Craig Wright.

Bookending this blog entry with adorableness…


Winter-ready Suji.

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