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I jumped ahead in time to watch today’s Superbowl, then jumped back in time to write this blog entry so that I can watch the actual game with friends without having to worry about it.  And so, if you’re planning to watch, please ignore the above newspaper article from the future as the headline and article as it contains spoilers.


My last great read was the latest release from my favorite horror writer, Nick Cutter (aka award-winning author Craig Davidson) whose works in the genre include the equally terrific The Troop and The Deep.

Here’s the thing – his horror fiction is unnerving, at times deeply unsettling, but always thoroughly engrossing because it’s so damn well written.  I recall The Troop a couple of years ago and, some thirty pages in, remarking: “This book has no business being this good.  Who IS this guy?”.  His stuff is the Yamazaki 18 year…

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