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I’ve always hated coming up with episode titles, but this little exercise in fan democracy has turned out to be all sorts of fun.  Once again, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from among three possible candidates.  So far, this season, we have –

“Episode 27: Being Better Is So Much Harder”

What’s next?  You decide…

As promised, the answer to last episode’s Who Said It?

“Welcome Back” – The Android

“The Costs Are Always Personal” – Commander Truffault

“Being Better Is So Much Harder” – TWO


So this blast-from-the-past pic adorned the triptych of The Raza mess the other morning, compliments of playback operator Greg Whiteside.  Ah, this takes me back.  There were rumors a few years ago of a planned a reimagining, tentatively titled Space 2099, but I haven’t heard anything since.  Hey, ITV Studios America, get in touch!

Hey, someone asked me about that military SF series…

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